Sleeping With The Fishes

December 9, 2010 · Leave a Comment 

Sleepin' With The Fishes | Canon EOS 40D, f/4, 1/500 s, ISO 800, 24-105@65mm, handheld.

A bit morbid, but somewhat fascinating.  An expired pigeon in a fountain in Florence, Italy.


October 3, 2010 · 2 Comments 

Lumpers | Canon EOS 40D, f/4, 1/250 s, ISO 1600, 24-105@98mm, handheld.

A photo of what is probably my favourite animal – the lumpfish (also known as a lumpsucker).  They have a sucker on their underside that they can use to cling to objects… this one is sticking to the glass in a public aquarium in Helsingør, Denmark.

Lumpfish | Canon EOS 40D, f/4, 1/160 s, ISO 1600, 24-105@73mm, handheld.

Here’s a view of the whole fish. This one is actually a baby, probably about 5-6 months old.

Liquid Metal

August 3, 2010 · Leave a Comment 

Shiny Fish. Canon EOS 40D, f/4.5, 1/250 s, ISO 1600, 24-105@58mm, handheld.

An incredibly shiny fish in the Mallorca Aquarium. I can’t remember what species it is… if I come across the name I’ll put an update here. It looks somewhat metallic, and actually reminds me of the T1000 from Terminator 2.

Prague Addresses

July 19, 2010 · Leave a Comment 

Canon 40D, f/5, 1/400 s, ISO 250, 24-105@58mm, handheld.

Apparently some of the streets in Prague don’t have numbered addresses, but instead have these animal-type markers. I guess you just tell the cab, “take me to the carp house”, and they know what you mean.

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