Tree Bouquet

Clover bouquet growing in a tree.  Canon EOS 40D, f/5, 1/250 s, ISO 320, 24-105@40mm.

In a blog post the other day I mentioned how I find most flower pics to be pretty boring (okay, “boring” is a little harsh… maybe “somewhat not interesting” might be better).  Well, after having said that, here’s my second post with flowers in the last two days.

I think this one is a little different though.  We came across this tree while hiking over the weekend with a bunch of flowers (I think they’re clovers) growing right in the fork of the two main branches.  It looked really strange — like someone had placed them there deliberately.  As far as we could tell though, the plant was growing right into the moss and debris collecting on the tree.  Pretty cool.


2 Responses to “Tree Bouquet”
  1. Rob says:


    The flower is wood sorrel – you can eat the leaves, tastes like apple peel – but not too much as it’s a source of oxalic acid

    • Shaun says:

      Ahh! Cool… from the leaves they looked a bit like clover but I was wondering why the flowers looked different. Maybe they’re related?

      I’ll have to giv the leaves a try next time I see them!

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