And Now, Something You’ve NEVER Seen Before…

Or maybe not. Flower pictures. You see them all the time, and to be honest I find them a bit boring. Don’t get me wrong, flowers are pretty and everything, but you see so many flower pictures all over the place that after a while they all seem to look the same.

Still, with the start of the spring, flowers are popping up everywhere and I must admit that after months of grey they warm the heart of even a soulless monster like myself. So, with that I present you with a few pics of flowers (i.e. plant genitalia).

I’m totally pathetic at identifying flowers (which is a bit embarrassing for a biologist), but I liked this one above because it is a bell shape.

Tip: If you want a flower picture to look more “arty”, just show a small part of it and not the whole thing. This actually works for everything, not just flowers.  In this picture of a daffodil petal, I’m making a statement about how we don’t notice the little things in life, how we’re too busy worrying about the big picture instead of enjoying the beautiful details in our everyday lives.  Or something.

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