Surf’s Up

February 20, 2010 · 2 Comments 

Camera: Canon EOS 40D; Shutter: 1/500 sec.; Aperture:6.3; ISO: 200; Focal Length: 24mm. HDR from a single raw file saved at three exposures.

Over the last couple years we’ve been lucky enough to travel to several coastal European locations. In doing so, I’ve gotten into the habitat of snapping a few photos of the ocean wave action on the beach using fast shutter speeds to stop the action of the water in mid air. The results are often interesting, though I haven’t got around to processing most of the raw images.

Permanent Residents

February 20, 2010 · 1 Comment 

Camera: Canon 40D; Aperture: f/8; Shutter: 1/80 sec; ISO: 400; HDR from one image saved at three exposures.

For almost two years we lived in the French town of Sète, located in the south on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s an interesting town, with numerous waterways and canals winding through the city between the roads. Due to its proximity to the Med, it is a very popular place to park boats of all sizes, from small personal fishing boats to massive yachts and sailboats.

With so many boats tieing-off in one small town, it’s difficult to be assigned a mooring area, and once people have one they are reluctant to give them up.  It’s not uncommon to see old boats that have been sunk while parked during some storm, that the owners have just left there to reserve their parking spot. Some of them have been there for years.

It’s a bit strange to walk along the main canal and see the occasional sunken boat, but it certainly contributes to the town’s unique feel. It also makes for some interesting photo opportunities. We’re taking another trip back to Sète this summer and I hope to take some more photos like these.

Camera: Canon 40D; Aperture: f/6.3; Shutter: 1/1000 sec; ISO: 400; HDR from one image saved at three exposures.

Pillars and Arches

February 17, 2010 · 4 Comments 

Camera: Canon EOS 40D; Aperture: f/8; ISO: 100; Focal Length: 24mm; HDR from three separate images at different exposures (using different shutter speeds).

The very gothic-looking cloisters on the campus of the University of Glasgow.

Somebody Needs a Haircut

February 15, 2010 · Comment 

Camera: Canon EOS 40D; Shutter: 1/800 sec.; Aperture: f/7.1; ISO: 250; Focal Length: 45mm

This horse in the north of Ireland seemed very relaxed while having his picture taken, probably because he couldn’t even see me due his excessively long bangs. Still, a very cool looking horse.

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